Hey what's up, my name is Chris Gantini and i want to welcome you to my page.

I am a DJ and Producer based in Frankfurt a.M. (Germany).


My passion for making music started back in the days at a music school where I learned to play the piano.

After two years I decided to play the drums. I played in a band together with some friends of my hometown.

While playing some own stuff we decided to record our stuff in our “home-studio”. So I got into recording and producing.

During that time I startet to DJ and played some clubs and partys with my hip hop vinyls.

I got this “rock-thing” going on and some Hip-Hop-Djing beside. As I went to the university my “career” as a musician stopped but I

never lost my connection to music. One day I heared a life-set of a sensation white podcast by Sebastian Ingrosso.

I did’t got in touch with this type of music before but something touched me.

After replaying this set over a million times I wanted to make this type of music on my own.

I decided to start my new project as an electronical dance music DJ/ Producer/ Artist. But I didn’t start this on my own.

I teamed up with my cousin and we build our team named "C&G". We got into this music and we were mixing all the time…..

But we don’t wanted to sound like: hey they are mixing one song into the next song, sounds quite good….

this wasn’t something special to us. We wanted to do own mashups/edits and have our own kind of sound.

So we got into this little part of: working in a daw like logic or cubase.

We felt the energy of our sets at some clubs playing our own mashups and remixes.

As we got better in producing we focused more on our first own songs and remixes.

We spent a lot of time in the studio without doing any live perfomance

to get on a higher level in producing. Now I am about to start also a career as an indiviual artist beside C&G.

If you have any questions or any other kind of stuff like collboration, booking whatever feel free to get in touch

with me by texting me on email, facebook, twitter wathever…. Hope to see you soon!!!

Copyright @ Chris Gantini